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Ferias comerciales: presentarse no es la mitad de la batalla


Last month Telaeris attended the National Electric Contractors AssociationXCHARXs 2011 Conference in San Diego. Telaeris has exhibited in a number of trade shows in the past, but this was my first. As the designated lead for the show, I was responsible for planning, preparing, and exhibiting our products on the trade show floor. This experience opened my eyes to how beneficial attending trade shows can be for a company. Our show ran smoothly and we walked away with some great leads. For anyone who is planning to exhibit at a trade show in the future, these tips are for you!

1) A flashy display means nothing if your team is lackluster. Save the money you were going to spend on a great looking display, and maybe consider using it to train your sales staff. A modest and clean display is all you will need if your team is engaging, friendly, and interactive. Descubrimos que algunos de los mejores clientes potenciales generados se debían a que nuestro equipo de ventas no tenía miedo de salir al pasillo para atraer al cliente.

2) Uhh… What do you guys do? Si alguien se acerca a su stand, mira todo durante 5 segundos, luego se dirige a usted y le pregunta: "¿Qué hacen?", Entonces han fallado.. And more likely than not, if they can’t tell what you are selling while they are walking past your booth, they won’t even slow down. Su señalización debe ser clara y simple. Si el nombre de su empresa no indica claramente lo que hace, busque un eslogan o una frase que lo haga y haga de eso el punto focal de su pantalla. Con un nombre como Telaeris, optamos por usar el eslogan "¡Rastree sus cosas!" Esto describe nuestro producto de seguimiento de activos.ucts lo que sabíamos sería de interés para todos en el show.

3) Keep your focus on the sale. Si bien la publicidad y la marca son importantes, no olvide la razón principal por la que está en la feria. Vende tus cosas. Si no está vendiendo un producto comercial, reúna tantas oportunidades de ventas como pueda. You do not want to leave a trade show without having a plan for the next step of the sale – the follow-up. And back at the office, take the leads you gathered at the show, follow-up with them, and keep them in your system.

4) Get instant feedback on your product. Some of the most valuable feedback we received at the show was not the praise, but the criticism. If there was something our software was lacking or something that the prospect didn’t like we knew it right away. They just told us. Making notes about this feedback provided us with information we could pass along to our development group to hacer nuestros productos incluso better. In our case, a number of people had a requirement for Seguimiento de inspecciones de sus activos.. We listened and are rolling out this feature into XPressTools (formerly known as TagTrakker) next week.

5) Meet people. This might sound obvious, but I’m not just referring to the people attending the trade shows. Spend time networking with other exhibitors and taking a look at the other booths. Get ideas for what to do at your next show by noting what you do and don’t like about other booths. Trade shows are also great ways to meet potential business partners and find teaming opportunities. Chances are, you are targeting the same market if you are both at the same trade show. Find companies that complement yours and get to know them. You might even surprise yourself and find that your competitors and you have ways to win more business by working together. In our case, we found a signage company whose customers needed to track their assets using RFID. This provided us with a win/win solution – they were able to better serve their clients and we received access to a larger customer base.

Por Liz Womack, Analista de Marketing de Telaeris

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